Welcome to the Caregiver Coalition Fund of America (CareCFA)

CareCFA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization devoted to supporting the physical, emotional, spiritual, and socioeconomic needs of nonpaid family caregivers. Whether you are a nonpaid family caregiver, a business or organization, or a member of the general public, we welcome you to CareCFA and encourage you to reach out to us for information or to explore ways in which we can help. 
Family caregivers are the unspoken heroes of our time
Nonpaid family caregivers are truly on the front lines in caring for people in need.  They care for family members and friends in their communities with little or no help.  They often silently meet the challenges of being a family caregiver, perhaps ignoring their own needs. 
You are not alone, help is available.
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What We Do
The Caregiver Coalition Fund of America brings together family caregivers, for-profit businesses, nonprofit and religious organizations, local agencies, and community groups (e.g., senior centers, social-service groups) to form Care Communities.   Through these alliances, support groups, webinars, integrative wellness programs, and discounted products and services are offered to family caregivers. 
Why We Do It

Family caregiving has touched the lives of everyone affiliated with CareCFA – the Board of Directors, the Advisory Council, and the Leadership Team.  We have experienced firsthand how caregiving can impact a person’s life, we have known business owners and employees who were caregivers and had their livelihoods put at risk because of caregiving.  We have heard the stories of people who experienced negative health, financial and social consequences that were the result of being family caregivers.  CareCFA was founded to help address the struggles associated with family caregiving.

Being a family caregiver is a journey. 
CareCFA is devoted to lightening the burden of the caregiver journey. 


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