CARE Pillars of Excellence



The Caregiver Coalition Fund of America (CareCFA) is devoted to an empathetic understanding and actions to address the challenges of Family Caregivers.  Through its initiatives, CareCFA implements strategies to ease caregiver concerns as they strive to meet the needs of their care recipients.


The Caregiver Coalition Fund of America is committed to advancing the art and science of family caregiving.  Through these endevors, CareCFA fosters the sharing of knowledge and innovation with caregivers and the public through various media and forums. 


The promotion of caregiver resilience is a core attribute of the Caregiver Coalition Fund of America.  CareCFA resolves to provide caregivers the support and programs neccessary to persist in their caring duties, and to cope with the multiple and on-going challenges of caregiving.


Through its programs and services, CareCFA creates a culture that fosters confidence so that caregivers may be their best selves in serving their care recipients and in striving to meet their life goals.