Family Caregiver Integrative Well-Being Program

The purpose of the Family Caregiver Integrative Well-Being Program is to increase the awareness, availability and application of integrative well-being practices to positively impact the lives of family caregivers.  Family Caregivers Integrative Well-Being Program, family caregivers will be afforded opportunities to access integrative well-being practitioners with expertise in a variety of disciplines; including, acupuncture, cooking to promote well-being, counseling, exercise, guided imagery, massage therapy, meditation, nutrition, and yoga.  Further, through online videos, webinars and blogs, practitioners provide information to caregivers that may help them prioritize self-care into their daily lives.  

It is a fundamental premise of the Caregiver Coalition Fund of America that the support of a family caregiver's well-being should involve a holistic approach that addresses each caregiver's immediate and long-term needs.  CareCFA's Family Caregiver Integrative Well-Being Program strives to help family caregivers meet their self-care needs and to promote sustainable well-being.  As a result of this philosophy, CareCFA has adopted the defining principles of Duke University's Integrative Medicine Program.  These principles are paraphrased as follows:


  • family caregivers and practitioners are partners in promoting and sustaining well-being;
  • factors that influence well-being are taken into consideration;
  • the promotion of well-being considers the whole person, including body, mind and spirit in the context of the Care Community;
  • practitioners utilize appropriate sciences to facilitate an individual's promotion of well-being;
  • practitioners promote the utilization of holistic interventions that are natural and are as noninvasive as possible in the promotion of well-being;
  • CareCFA's Family Caregiver Integrative Well-Being Program is evidence-based and open to new models that promote well-being;
  • the promotion of well-being is individualized to meet the caregiver's unique needs and circumstances;
  • practitioners that promote caregiver well-being adhere to the above-mentioned principles and engage in self-exploration and self-development.



Care Communities 

The Caregiver Coalition Fund of America (CareCFA) is in the process of establishing Care Communities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and South Carolina, respectively. The purpose of the Care Communities is to support the physical, emotional, spiritual, and socioeconomic well-being of nonpaid family caregivers.  CareCFA's Care Communities consist of for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations, local agencies, and community groups that provide products and services to family caregivers and their care-recipients.  It is through our Care Communities and related programs that CareCFA strives to help family caregivers and to minimize the stress they encounter in their everday lives while they assist their care-recipients.  Long Island is the first Care Community established by the Caregiver Coaltion Fund of America. 


In 2023, Care Communities will be established in other regions in New York State as well as in New Jersey, Connecticut and South Carolina.