Caregivers Need Help!!

The Caregiver Coalition Fund of America (CareCFA) has launched its Care Community Program. Membership in the Care Communities is complimentary for caregivers. Caregivers have expressed the need for the following list of services. 

If your business can provide one or more of these services please consider joining the Caregiver Community.

* Aerobic Exercise
* Access to Support Groups
* Dietary and Nutrition Information
* Emotional Support
* Employment Assistance
* Financial Assistance to Purchase a Car and Insurance
* Audible Books/Internet Services While w/ Family Members
* General Financial Assistance
* Government Family Caregiver Financial Assistance
* Guided Imagery
* Home Health Care Services
* House Cleaning and Cooked Meals
* Individual One-To-One Support
* Legal Assistance
* Meditation
* Meet Other Caregivers with Similar Duties and Needs
* Portable Pillow, Blanket, Mat For Long Stays At The Hospital
* Relaxation Activities
* Respite Support
* Restorative Exercise (e.g., Yoga)
* Spiritual Support
* Time Management Strategies
* Training On Being A Caregiver