Caregiver Coalition Fund of America’s

Family Caregiver Word of the Month:



The Power of Words


We are proud to announce the launch of an exciting new feature on our website: the Caregiver Coalition Fund of America’s Word of the Month.  Beginning Auguest 2023, CareCFA will highlight each month an essay featuring an inspiring word,  and how the word may empower family caregivers.  The Word of the Month will also include links to websites that provide additional perspectives about each word.  

Why did the Caregiver Coalition Fund of America decide to feature the Word of the Month on its website?  As we all know, words can empower family caregivers in so many ways.   Words can stimulate creative cognitions that will enable caregivers to formulate effective solutions to problems, and to plan new opportunities for themselves and their care-recipients.  Words can also stimulate emotions that can physiologically energize caregivers to take action, and to feel supported and confident as they face the challenges associated with caring for a loved one.  Through the inspirational power of words caregivers can engage in proactive behaviors that will enhance the well-being for themselves and their care-recipients.     

So, please visit our website throughout the rest of 2023, and reflect on our essays and how each Word of the Month can have special meaning for you and your care-recipient.